Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing
CASC 2010
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Accepted Papers

Computing Matrix Representations of Filiform Lie Algebras
Manuel Ceballos Gonzalez, Juan Nunez Valdes and Angel F. Tenorio
Construction of Irreducible Polynomials Over Finite Fields
Sergey Abrahamyan
On Reduction of Lagrange Systems
Valentin Irtegov and Tatyana Titorenko
Derivation of Explicit Difference Schemes for Ordinary Differential Equations with the Aid of Lagrange - Burmann Expansions
Evgenii Vorozhtsov
Computing Floating-point Gröbner Bases Accurately
Computing Floating-point Gröbner Bases Accurately
Tateaki Sasaki and Fujio Kako
Symbolic-numeric Algorithms for Computer Analysis of Spheroidal Quantum Dot Models
Alexander Gusev, Ochbadrakh Chuluunbaatar, Vladimir Gerdt, Vitaly Rostovtsev, Sergue Vinitsky, Vladimir Derbov and Vladislav Serov
An Algebraic Implicitization and Specialization of Minimum KL-divergence Models
Ambedkar Dukkipati and Joel George Manathara
Thomas Decomposition of Algebraic and Differential Systems
Thomas Bächler, Vladimir Gerdt, Markus Lange-Hegermann and Daniel Robertz
Factorization of Polynomials and GCD Computations for Finding Universal Denominators
Sergei Abramov, Amel Gheffar and Denis Khmelnov
On Multivariate Homogenous Polynomial Decomposition
Paula Bustillo and Jaime Gutierrez
Generic, Type-safe and Object Oriented Computer Algebra Software
Heinz Kredel and Raphael Jolly
Differential Resultant, Computer Algebra and Completely Integrable Dynamical Systems
Vladimir Gerdjikov, Zoya Kostova and Nikolay Kostov
Supporting Global Numerical Optimization of Rational Functions by Generic Symbolic Convexity Tests
Winfried Neun, Thomas Sturm and Stefan Vigerske
An Analytical Model for the Probability Characteristics of a Crack Hitting an Encapsulated Self-Healing Agent in Concrete
Serguey Zemskov, Henk Jonkers and Fred Vermolen
About Sufficient Conditions of Integrability of a Planar ODE System Near the Degenerate Stationary Point
Victor Edneral and Valery Romanovski
One Class of Third-order Linear ODE's
Sergey Slavyanov
GPGCD, an Iterative Method for Calculating Approximate GCD, for Multiple Univariate Polynomials
Akira Terui
Extending Clause Learning of SAT Solvers with Boolean Groebner Bases
Christoph Zengler and Wolfgang Küchlin
Christoph Zengler and Wolfgang Küchlin
Christoph Zengler and Wolfgang Küchlin
Christoph Zengler and Wolfgang Küchlin
A Role of Symbolic Computations in Beam Physics
Serge Andrianov
Series Transformations to Improve and Extend Convergence
German Kalugin and David Jeffrey
Fast Generalized Bruhat Decomposition
Gennadi Malaschonok
Type Specialization in Aldor
Laurentiu Dragan and Stephen Watt
Implementing Data Parallel Rational Multiple-Residue Arithmetic in Eden
Oleg Lobachev and Rita Loogen