Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing
CASC 2010
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Poster Session

The 12th International Workshop in Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing, CASC 2010, will be held in the city of Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, in September 6-12, 2010.

CASC, the International Workshop on Computer Algebra in Scientific
Computing, plays an important role for natural sciences and engineering and
discusses new developments and original research results in all areas of
symbolic manipulation, numerical computation, and visualization.

The poster session at CASC is an ideal avenue for presenting recent
research results or ongoing research projects that might not yet be
complete, but whose preliminary results are already interesting nonetheless.

Authors are invited to submit posters in PDF format. All posters will be
reviewed by the Poster Committee with input from experts in the relevant areas.
Posters will be evaluated based on content, novelty, originality, contribution,
value to the community, and presentation.

Authors are expected to present their work at the Workshop.


Deadline to submit poster (.pdf): August 1, 2010
(send poster (pdf-file;  DIN-A1 format) or download-location to
Notification of Acceptance:   August  6 , 2010


Posters can be on any topic mentioned in the Call for Papers of CASC 2010
which include but are not restricted to the following areas:

    * exact and approximate computation
    * numerical simulation using computer algebra systems
    * parallel symbolic-numeric computation
    * problem-solving environment
    * internet accessible symbolic and numeric computation
    * symbolic-numeric methods for differential, differential-algebraic and difference equations
    * algebraic methods in geometric modeling
    * algebraic methods for nonlinear polynomial equations and inequalities
    * symbolic and numerical computation in systems engineering and modeling
    * algorithmic and complexity considerations in computer algebra
    * computer algebra in industry
    * computer algebra in nanotechnology
    * solving problems in natural sciences
    * automated reasoning in algebra and geometry

Vladimir Gerdt, Wolfram Koepf, Ernst W. Mayr, Evgeny Vorozhtsov