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Workshop on Parallel Scheduling
July 14-18, 1997, Schloß Dagstuhl


During the seventies and the early eighties, scheduling problems were the subject of intensive research, with applications mostly in the area of operations research and adjacent fields. After a period of somewhat reduced activities, renewed and very vigorous interest in scheduling problems has manifested itself during the last four or five years. This time, mainly the areas of parallel and networked computing gave rise to new research directions and projects. The increased availability of large parallel computers as well as much improved network technologies have significantly increased the need for efficient resource management. The technological developments in the area of communication networks, like broad-band, fiber-optics, or ATM networks, have made these areas particularly interesting and important during these last few years.

As one consequence, a large number of heuristics have been developed by industry to cope with these challenges, as presented at recent workshops like the one on "Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing" at the International Parallel Processing Symposium.

In our workshop on "Parallel Scheduling", we intend to concentrate on the following questions and problems:
* Which results of classical scheduling theory can be applied to more modern problems like on-line scheduling, parallel, and distributed scheduling?
* Is it possible to analyze and improve the proposed heuristics, using a more formal approach and foundations?
* How can side conditions dictated by novel applications and technologies be combined with existing theoretical approaches?
* Are there fundamentally new problems and solutions for the new types of scheduling problems? How can they be analyzed and evaluated?


The workshop is organized by E.G. Coffman, E.W. Mayr, and U. Schwiegelshohn.


Participation in this workshop is by invitation only.


The workshop takes place at the IBFI Schloß Dagstuhl.

Hans Stadtherr, 1996-10-11
Tobias Knopff, 1997-04-11