PDMI TUM State University St. Petersburg
Steklov Institute St. Petersburg Technische Universität München State University St. Petersburg

Joint Advanced Student School (JASS)

Course 1: Algorithms in IT Security

St. Petersburg - Wednesday, March 30 through Saturday, April 9, 2005

Alexander Vakhitov

Pseudorandom Generators


In this report we try to talk about the main concepts and tools needed in pseudorandom generators creation. The report starts with a brief description of already mentioned in previous talks cryptographic ideas useful in the understanding of pseudorandom generators. Then, different ways of their usage are discussed. In the next part one number-theoretical generator is presented. The report is finished with a short description of the general approach to pseudorandomness from an informational theory point of view.

Pseudorandom Generators[PDF]
Pseudorandom Generators[PDF]