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Joint Advanced Student School (JASS)

Course 2: The Interplay of Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation

St. Petersburg - Wednesday, March 30 through Saturday, April 9, 2005

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The course addresses different aspects of mathematical modeling and its various applications, such as simulation of fluid flows or finance crisis prediction. These tasks include a wide range of symbolic and numerical techniques  for the solution of differential equations as well as recent paradigms in computer science, e.g. distributed computing on high performance computers, in order to cope with real-life applications.


Jasmina Bogojeska Name: Jasmina Bogojeska

Topic: Introduction to the Multigrid Method.

Alexey Lapshin Name: Alexey Lapshin

Topic: The Three-Body Problem.
		  Manopulo Name: Niko Manopulo

Topic: An Introduction to Finite Element Methods.
Bastian Pentenrieder Name: Bastian Pentenrieder

Topic: Simulation of Heat Conduction Within Cermaic Blocks Using Finite Elements and Multigrid Method.

Thomas Satzger Name: Thomas Satzger

Topic: A Conservative FE-Discretisation of the Navier-Stokes Equation.
Philipp Schapotschnikow Name: Philipp Schapotschnikow

Topic: An Efficient Algorithm for Stochastic Differential Equations.
Alexander Yakolev Name: Alexander Yakovlev

Topic: Window Fourier and Wavelet Transforms. Properties and Applications of Wavelets.
Sergey Tikhomirov Name: Sergey Tikhomirov

Topic: Symbolic Analysis of Dynamical Systems.
Helena Sypatcheva Name: Helena Sypatcheva

Levi Valgaerts Name: Levi Valgaerts

Topic: Space-Filling Curves.
		  Zuo Name: Wangda Zuo

Topic: Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics.
		  Kernitsky Name: Igor Kernitsky

Topic: Using Fortran Code in Programs on Other Languages.
Dr. Michael Bader Name: Dr. Michael Bader

Teaching assistent.
Prof. Slavyanov Name: Prof. Dr.
Sergei Yu. Slavyanov

Course Director
Chrisoph Zenger Name: Prof. Dr.
Christoph Zenger

Course Director

Each participant prepared a paper on his or her topic. The papers as well the slides of the talks can be downloaded here: