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Joint Advanced Student School (JASS)

Course 4: The Turbo Principle in Communications

St. Petersburg - Wednesday, March 30 through Saturday, April 9, 2005

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Victor Tomashevich Name: Victor Tomashevich

Topic: Convolutional Codes

Yipeng Liu Name: Yipeng Liu

Topic: Exit Charts
Janis Dingel Name: Janis Dingel

Topic: Irregular Repeat Accumulate- and Low-Density Parity-Check-Codes
Andrej Rikovsky Name: Andrej Rikovsky

Topic: Turbo Compression
Michael Name: Michael Meyer

Topic: Iterative Equalization
Anatoly Galkin Name: Anatoly Galkin

Topic: Analysis of IP-Oriented Multiservice Networks
Hrvoje Jenkac Name: Hrvoje Jenkac

Topic: Reliable Multimedia Broadcast in Cellular Systems
Inga Trusova Name: Inga Trusova

Topic: Iterative Source- and Channel Decoding
Pavel Tutunnik Name: Pavel Tutunnik

Topic: Line Cipher Demonstration for Educational Purposes
Pavol Hanus Name: Pavol Hanus

Topic: Analog Decoding
Roman Plyaskin Name: Roman Plyaskin

Topic: Providing of QoS in Prospective Wi-Fi networks
Stefan Finsterbusch Name: Stefan Finsterbusch

Topic: GSM/UMTS - Network Feature CAMEL.
Vitaly Agapov Name: Vitaly Agapov

Topic: Planning of Integrated Network and Service Management Systems for the Russian Telecommunications Market
Vladimir Kharitonov Name: Vladimir Kharitonov

Topic: A Switching Method for Multiservice Networks.
Prof. Dr.- Ing. Joachim Hagenauer Name: Prof. Dr.- Ing. Joachim Hagenauer

Course Director
Name: Prof. A. Yanovsky

Course Director

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