Department of Computer Science at the Technische Universität München
Chair for Efficient Algorithms
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Basic Algorithms (WS 00/01)

* Lecturer:
Prof. Dr. Ernst W. Mayr
Dr. Michal Mnuk

* Area:
3 lectures per week in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
compulsory course
3 lectures per week in complementary studies
compulsory course
3 lectures per week in Master of Science in Computational Science and Engineering
compulsory course

* Time and Place:
Wed 8:30 - 10:00, lecture hall 0602
Thu 12h c.t. - 13:00, lecture hall 1100
Start: 18. October
End: 9. February

* Exercises:
2 hours per week exercises accompanying the lectures
Wed 16h c.t. - 17:45, lecture hall 1100
Start: 25. October
Teaching Assistant: Thomas Bayer
Course Certificate: To get a course certificate students must get at least 40% on the homework assignments and pass the final exam.

* Audience:
students in computer science (compulsory studies)

* Prerequisites:
Basic knowledge in computer science

* Recommended for:
Fundamental knowledge in topic Algorithms

* Contents:
  • Fundamentals
    Models of Computation, Complexity Measures
  • Sorting
    Bubble-Sort, Merge-Sort, Heap-Sort, Quick-Sort, Radix-Sort, Median-Algorithms, Lower Bounds
  • Searching
    Hashing, Search Tress, String Matching
  • Graph Algorithms
    Transitive Closure, Shortest Path Problems, Minimum Spanning Trees
  • Artithmetic Problems
    Euclidean Algorithm, Multiplication of Integers, ...

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