Complexity Theory



  • Lecturer:
    Prof. Dr. Ernst W. Mayr
  • Module: IN2007, TUMonline
  • Area:
    4+2 lectures per week in area III (Theoretical Computer Science)
    core course, topic algorithms
  • Time and Place:
    Monday, 14:15–16:00, 00.08.038
    Thursday, 14:00(!!)–15:45, 00.08.038
  • Exercises:
    2 hours per week exercises accompanying the lectures
    Tuesday, 12:15–13:45, MI 03.11.018
    Teaching Assistant: Chris Pinkau
  • Exam:
    The final exam will take place on Mo July 27, 2015 from 08:30 to 11:30 in room MW 0350. The times given represent the net examination time. Please attend 15 minutes before.
    The only aid permitted is an A4-page (two sides) containing notes handwritten by yourself (no printer output).
  • Audience:
    graduate students of computer science
    students with computer science as minor
  • ECTS: 8 Punkte
  • Prerequisites:
    1st and 2nd year courses
    Module IN2003: Efficient Algorithms and Datastructures I advantageous, but not required
    Module IN2160: Course Randomized Algorithms advantageous, but not required.
  • Recommended for:
    Extended knowledge in complexity theory
  • Office Hours:
    see here

Course Contents and Literature

see here.