Final Program of CASC'00

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Thursday - Oct 05, 2000: Morning Session
Symbolic-Numeric Computations
Chair: E.V. Vorozhtsov
09:00 am Computer Algebra for Automated Performance Modeling of Fortran Programs.
Hermann Mierendorff and Helmut Schwamborn
09:40 am A Parallel Symbolic-Numerical Approach to Algebraic Curve Plotting.
Christian Mittermaier, Wolfgang Schreiner and Franz Winkler
10:10 am Coffee break
11:00 am Opening ceremony.
Prof. E.W. Mayr, Prof. A. Soleev
11:20 am Condition Analysis of Overdetermined Algebraic Problems .
Hans J. Stetter
01:00 pm Lunch
Thursday - Oct 05, 2000: Afternoon Session
Computer Algebra and Software
Chair: E.W. Mayr
02:30 pm Deciding Linear-Transcendental Problems.
Volker Weispfenning
03:10 pm Effective Computation of Algebra of Derivations of Lie Algebras.
L.M. Camacho, J.R. Gómez, R.M. Navarro and I. Rodríguez
03:40 pm Coffee break
04:00 pm Computing ``Small'' 1--Homological Models for Commutative Differential Graded Algebras.
CHATA group of Seville
04:40 pm CADECOM: Computer Algebra software for functional DECOMposition.
Jaime Gutierrez and Rosario Rubio
05:30 pm Plotting Functions and Singularities with Maple and Java on a Component-based Web Architecture.
Dieter Bühler, Corinne Chauvin and Wolfgang Küchlin
Friday - Oct 06, 2000: Morning Session
Problem Solving in Scientific Computing
Chair: V. Gerdt
09:00 am Lessons Learned from Using CORBA for Components in Scientific Computing.
Andreas Weber, Gabor Simon, Wolfgang Küchlin and Jörg Hoss
09:40 am An Assessment of the Efficiency of Computer Algebra Systems in the Solution of Scientific Computing Problems .
Victor G. Ganzha, Evgenii V. Vorozhtsov and Michael Wester
10:20 am Group Classification of the Navier-Stokes Equations for Compressible Viscous Heat-Conducting Gas.
Vasiliy V. Bublik
11:00 am Coffee break
11:30 am Computing the Frobenius Normal Form of a Sparse Matrix.
Gilles Villard
12:10 pm Complexity of Derivatives Generated by Symbolic Differentiation.
Herbert Fischer and Hubert Warsitz
01:00 pm Lunch
Friday - Oct 06, 2000: Afternoon Session
Polynomial Bases and ODEs
Chair: V. Weispfenning
02:30 pm On the Relation Between Pommaret and Janet Bases.
Vladimir P. Gerdt
03:10 pm Three Remarks on Comprehensive Gröbner and SAGBI Bases.
Manfred Göbel and Patrick Maier
03:40 pm Coffee break
04:00 pm An Integration and Reduction for Ordinary Non Linear Differential Equations Library.
J. Della Dora and F. Richard-Jung
04:40 pm Newton Polyhedra and the Reversible System of Ordinary Differential Equations.
A. Soleev and I. Yarmukhamedov
Saturday - Oct 07, 2000: Morning Session
Applications of CAS
Chair: R. Kragler
09:00 am Computer Algebra Approach to Solving Singularly Perturbed Initial Value Problems.
Raya Khanin
09:40 am Application of Computer Algebra Methods to Some Problems of Theoretical and Applied Celestial Mechanics.
Akmal Vakhidov
10:20 am Parametric Analysis for a Nonlinear System .
11:00 am Coffee break
11:30 am An Algebraic Approach to Offsetting and Blending of Solids.
Thomas Sturm
12:10 pm Heat Invariant $E_2$ for Nonminimal Operator on Manifolds with Torsion .
Vladimir V. Kornyak
01:00 pm Lunch
02:30 pm Sightseeing tour in Samarkand
Sunday - Oct 08, 2000: Morning Session
Computer Algebra Algoritdms and Software
Chair: A. Soleev
09:00 am Fast Matrix Computation of Subresultant Polynomial Remainder Sequences.
Alkiviadis G. Akritas and Gennadi I. Malaschonok
09:40 am About Simultaneous Representation of Two Natural Numbers by Sum of Three Primes.
I.A. Allakov and M.I. Israilov
10:20 am On a Description of Irreducible Component in the Set of Nilpotent Leibniz Algebras, Containing the Algebra of Maximal Nilindex, and Classification of Graded Filiform Leibniz Algebra.
Sh.A.Ayupov and B.A.Omirov
11:00 am Coffee break
11:30 am Data-structures and Algorithms for Timed Polyhedra.
Olivier Bournez, Moez Mahfoudh and Oded Maler
12:10 pm Computing the Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition Adapted to a Set of Equalities.
Neila González-Campos and Laureano González-Vega
01:00 pm Lunch
Sunday - Oct 08, 2000: Afternoon Session
Applications of CAS
Chair: F. Winkler
02:30 pm On Controller Synthesis for Hybrid Systems.
Eugene Asarin, Olivier Bournez, Thao Dang, Oded Maler and Amir Pnueli
03:10 pm Application of Computer Algebra in Problems on Stabilization of Gyroscopic Systems.
Banshchikov Andrej and Bourlakova Larissa
04:00 pm Coffee break
04:30 pm Stable Self-Oscillatory Regims in Volterra Models of Three Populations.
T.E.Buriev and V.E.Ergashev
05:20 pm Symbolic Algorithms of Algebraic Perturbation Theory for a Hydrogen Atom: the Stark Effect.
Alexander Gusev, Valentin Samoilov, Vitaly Rostovtsev and Sergue Vinitsky
Monday - Oct 09, 2000: Morning Session
Applications, Short Talks
Chair: A. Weber
09:00 am Computeralgebra and the Systematic Construction of Finite Unlabeled Structures.
Adalbert Kerber
09:35 am Several Educational Projects Are Going to Establish Virtual Universities in Germany.
Ralf Steinbrüggen
09:55 am A Method of Optimal Damping in Terminal Control Problem.
I. Israilov
10:10 am On the Subgroup of the Group $GL(2,{\bf Z}/p^n{\bf Z})$.
Ulugbek Narzullaev
10:25 am Method of Inverse Operators for Solving ODEs of Type X(D)[y(x)]=g(x) Implemented in Mathematica.
Robert Kragler
10:40 am The estimate of the accuracy of difference schemes for singularly - perturbed $\,2^{nd}\,$ order hyperbolic equation in the class $\,W_2^2(Q)\,$.
10:55 am Investigation of method Rote for boundary inverse problems of oscillation string in class $\;W_2^2(Q).$.
I.N.Djuraev and N.N.Nizamova
11:10 am Regularization of a Solution to the Cauchy Problem for the System of Elasticity.
I.E. Niyozov
11:25 am Construction of Approximate Solution to the Cauchy Problem for the System of Thermoelasticity.
O.I. Makhmudov
11:45 am Lunch
01:00 pm Departure to Bukhara

Satellite workshop in Bukhara

Tuesday - Oct 10, 2000: Workshop in Bukhara
Problem Solving Environments for Differential Equations
Chair: Stanly Steinberg
09:00 am SciNapse: A Problem Solving Environment.
Stanly Steinberg
10:10 am Tutorial on Symbolic Solutions of Differential Equations with Mathematica V4.
Robert Kragler
11:40 am t.b.a.