Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing
CASC 2008

 Important Announcement
        Cancellation of the CASC 2008 Workshop

The CASC Workshops were stimulated in the late nineties by the idea of
bridging the gap between the researchers working in the field of computer
algebra systems themselves, the computer algebra algorithms, and the
researchers and practical engineers who are using the systems and methods
of computer algebra in various areas of scientific computing.

This idea proved to be fruitful, and since the year 1998, when the first
CASC Workshop was held in St. Petersburg, Russia, ten CASC Workshops were
held in the total and proved to be successful. During the last CASC
Workshop (Bonn, 2007) it was preliminarily decided to organize the 11th
CASC Workshop in September 2008 in Erevan, the capital of Armenia, which
is one of the former republics of the former Soviet Union. It is Prof.
V.P. Gerdt, the CASC co-chair, who got in touch with the colleagues
from the Armenian Academy of Sciences and the Erevan State University
(the latter was planned for hosting the CASC'2008 Workshop in Erevan).
The dates for CASC'2008 were preliminarily agreed with them to be
to be during the week of Sept. 13-20. But it turned out by
the end of January 2008 that the indicated dates in September 2008 are
very unlucky for the Academy and the University since they will celebrate
in Sept. 15-25 the anniversary/jubilee of prominent Armenian
scientist Ambartsumyan. Both the Academy and University
in Erevan are to be very involved in preparation and organization of that
celebration, including the group of potential organizers of our
Workshop. The administration of the Erevan State University is very sorry
for its inability to host the CASC Workshop in September 2008.
On the other hand, they have expressed their willingness to host
CASC in Erevan in 2010 or later on.

In connection with the above, we, the CASC co-chairs, inform all the
potential participants of the future CASC Workshop that our next Workshop 
will be held in the year 2009. Please visit from time to time our site
in Munich, the date and place for CASC'2009 will be announced later in
due course.

CASC Workshop General Chairs

Ernst W. Mayr (TU Munich)                               Vladimir Gerdt (JINR, Dubna)