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Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
September 8-12, 1997, Schloß Dagstuhl


The workshop on ``Parallel and Distributed Algorithms'' generally deals with a wide range of topics, including parallel data structures, models of parallel computation, parallel complexity theory, efficient algorithms for PRAMs, networks of processors or workstations, and Boolean circuits, and randomization techniques for parallel algorithms.

This time (being the fifth in its series) special emphasis will be put on parallel architectures. Besides the discussion of current problems in the field of parallel and distributed algorithms, our main goal is to deal with questions that arise during the design, analysis, calibration, and evaluation of parallel computer architectures and systems.

Recent developments in the technology of communication hardware and communication protocols but also new results in the area of parallel and distributed operating systems have led to a number of interesting and important questions in the last few years, even though (or just because) a certain concentration and reorientation has happened in commercial applications in the meantime.

We understand this workshop to be an interface between fundamental theoretical problems and application oriented questions.


The workshop is organized by E.W. Mayr, F. Meyer auf der Heide, and L. Rudolph.


Participation is by invitation only.


The workshop takes place at the IBFI Schloß Dagstuhl.

Hans Stadtherr, 1996-10-11
Tobias Knopff, 1997-04-11