PDMI TUM State University St. Petersburg
Steklov Institute St. Petersburg Technische Universität München State University St. Petersburg

Joint Advanced Student School (JASS)

Course 1: Algorithms for IT Security

St. Petersburg - Wednesday, March 30 through Saturday, April 9, 2005

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Ilya Saverchenko Name: Ilya Saverchenko

Topic: Classical Cryptography

Hermann Gruber Name: Hermann Gruber

Topic: Information-Theoretic Cryptography
Lev Gurevich Name: Lev Gurevich

Topic: Practical Private Key Cryptography
Dinara Barshevich Name: Dinara Barshevich

Topic: Knapsack Cryptosystems
Andreas Meier Name: Andreas Meier

Topic: The ElGamal Cryptosystem
Name: Stefan Neukamm

Topic: Complexity-Theoretic Cryptography
Alexander Vakhitov Name: Alexander Vakhitov

Topic: Pseudorandom Generators
Johannes Mittmann Name: Johannes Mittmann

Topic: One-Way Encryption and Message Authentication
Olga Shishenina Name: Olga Shishenina

Topic: Digital Signatures
Julian Traut Name: Julian Traut

Topic: Two- and Multi-Party Protocols
Nicolay Vyahhi Name: Nikolay Vyahhi

Topic: Zero Knowledge Proofs and Protocols
Nikolay Soldatov Name: Nikolay Soldatov

Topic: Information Hiding
Andreas Würfl Andreas Würfl Name: Andreas Würfl

Topic: Alternative Approaches in Cryptography
Johannes Nowak Name: Johannes Nowak

Teaching assistent
Prof. Dr. Ernst W. Mayr Name: Prof. Dr. Ernst W. Mayr

Course Director
School Director
Prof. Y. Mateyasevich Name: Prof. Dr. Yuri Matiyasevich

Course Director
School Director

Each participant prepared a paper on his or her topic. The papers as well the slides of the talks can be downloaded here: