Introduction to Theory of Computation


    Please note the times for the classes!


  • Lecturer:
    Prof. Dr. Ernst W. Mayr
  • Module: IN0011, TUMonline
  • Time and Place:
    Monday, 10:15–12:00, lecture hall MI HS 1
    Thursday, 16:15–18:00, lecture hall MI HS 1
  • Exercises:
    2 hours/wk (obligatory) tutor sessions; location and time: see Exercises
    2 hours/wk (supplemental, voluntary) lab, Thursday, 15:00–16:00, Physik HS 1
    Teaching Assistant: Dr. Werner Meixner
  • ECTS: 8 credits
  • Exams:
    See here for more information.
    The exams are closed book, only one A4 format sheet of handwritten notes is allowed.
  • Course Certificate:
    To successfully complete the module students must obtain at least 40% of the points in the final (written) exam.
    Our experience from past years suggests that, in order to pass the written exam, it is very helpful to work on and turn in the weekly homework assignments as well as to attend the supplemental central lab session!
    For information concerning the possibility to voluntarily repeat the exam see here, at bottom.
  • Audience:
    Students in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (compulsory course)
    Students in Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics (compulsory course)
    Students in Bachelor of Science in Naturwissenschaftliche Bildung Informatik/Mathematik (compulsory course)
    Students in Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
    Students in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • Prerequisites:
    Module IN0015: Discrete Structures
    Module MA0901: Linear Algebra for Informatics
    Module MA0902: Analysis for Informatics
  • Related and more advanced lectures:
    Complexity Theory
  • Office hours:
    see here

Course Contents and Literature

see here.