PDMI TUM State University St. Petersburg
Steklov Institute St. Petersburg Technische Universität München State University St. Petersburg

Joint Advanced Student School (JASS)

Course 6: Next-Generation User-Centered Information Management

St. Petersburg - Wednesday, March 30 through Saturday, April 9, 2005

Group Picture


Name: Snezhana Dubrovskaya

Topic: Information Management Processes

Julia Pavlova Name:Julia Pavlova

Topic: Human-Computer Interaction and Web Portal Services
Tobias Zimmermann Name:Tobias Zimmermann

Topic: Information Architecture
Radostina Georgieva Name: Radostina Georgieva

Topic: Ontology-Based Information Representation
Nataly Osipova Name: Nataly Osipova

Topic: Classification and Clustering Methods
Phan Kim Son Name: Phan Kim Son

Topic: Information Search
Danil Nemirovsky Name:Danil Nemirovsky

Topic: Web Graph and PageRank Algorithm
Alexander Babaev Name: Alexander Babaev

Topic: Information Visualization
Jing Li Name: Jing Li

Topic: Information Visualization with Self-Organizing Maps
Tamas Szigyarto Name: Tamas Szigyarto

Topic: SOAP Overview
Alexander Stage Name: Alexander Stage

Topic: Synchronization and Replication in the Context of Mobile Applications
Manuel Schroeder Name: Manuel Schröder

Topic: Mobile Information Access
Vanda Lehel Name: Vanda Lehel

Teaching assistent
Sergei A. Antonov Name: Sergei A. Antonov

Teaching assistent
Prof. Dobrynin Name: Prof. Dr.
Vladimir Yu. Dobrynin

Course Director
Florian Matthes Name: Prof. Dr.
Florian Matthes

Course Director

       Each participant prepared a paper on his or her topic. The papers, as well the slides of the talks can be downloaded here: