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Computational Biology I/II* (WS 01/02)

* Lecturer:
Prof. Dr. Ernst W. Mayr
Dr. Volker Heun

* Area:
4 lectures per week
Bioinformatics: mandatory course (Diplom/Bachelor)
Computer Science: advanced course area III (Theoretical Computer Science)

* Time and Place:
Wed 10:35 - 12:05, lecture hall 1260
Fri 10:30 - 12:00, lecture hall 0220

* Exercises:
2 hours per week exercises accompanying the lectures
Thu 15h s.t. - 16:30, lecture hall 0601
Teaching Assistant: Jens Ernst
Course Certificate: To get a course certificate students must

* Important Notice: Students, who already got a course certificate for Computational Biology I held in the summer semester 2001 by PD Dr. Ralf Backofen, may get a course certificate for Computational Biology II, since both lectures deal with different topics.

* Audience:
students of bioinformatics
graduate students of computer science
students with computer science as minor

* Prerequisites:
1st and 2nd year courses

* Recommended for:
In-depth knowledge in topic Algorithms

* Contents:
  • Basic Concepts of Biology
  • String Searching
  • Pairwise Sequence Alignments
  • Multiple Sequence Alignments
  • Fragment Assembly

* Related and Advanced Lectures:

* Lecture Notes:
Are available now.

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