Advanced Network and Graph Algorithms (WS 12/13)


General information

  • Lecturer:
    Dr. Hanjo Täubig
  • Module: IN2158, TUMonline
  • Area:
    4+2 lectures per week in area III (Theoretical Computer Science)
  • Time and Place:
    Tuesday, 16:15–17:45, lecture hall 00.08.038
    Thursday, 12:15–13:45, lecture hall 00.13.009A
  • Exercises:
    2 hours per week exercises accompanying the lectures
    Teaching Assistant: Jeremias Weihmann
  • Exam: see German page

  • Audience:
    graduate students of computer science
    students with computer science as minor

  • ECTS: 8 points

  • Prerequisites:
    1st and 2nd year courses
    Course Efficient Algorithms and Datastructures I/II advantagious, but not necessary.

  • Contents:
    • Centrality indices / Facility Location Problems
    • Density in (sub-)graphs
    • Advanced algorithms for connectivity problems
    • Clustering
    • Network statistics
    • Network comparison
    • Algebraic methods
    • Spectral analysis
    • Robustness

  • Related and Advanced Lectures:
    Efficient Algorithms and Datastructures I

  • Slides: see German page

  • References:
    The lectures are based on the book
    U. Brandes, Th. Erlebach (Eds.): Network Analysis - Methodological Foundations

    (Use automatic proxy configuration from http://pac.lrz-muenchen.de/.)

  • Office Hours:
    look here